Kryptomoshens „broke up“ a resident of Orenburg

Another Russian has become a victim of cryptographic fraud.

The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Orenburg Region reported that this time a 66-year-old resident of the regional capital had lost money. He turned to the police and said that more than 700,000 roubles had been stolen from him.

The pensioner decided to register on one of the websites offering services for exchanging crypt currency for fiat money and indicated his contacts.

He then received a call from an unknown person and offered to help him buy tokens. At the same time, the Bitcoin Up fraudster told the victim about the benefits of investing in digital assets, which are now steadily increasing in value.

The pensioner sent a total of 767,000 roubles by several transactions to the details specified by the scammer. However the man has not received any tokens, and the swindler has ceased to communicate. Only then did the Orenburger realise that his money had been stolen and turned to law enforcement agencies.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs instituted criminal proceedings for fraud and urged citizens never to send money to unknown people, even if they offer a giant income.